I have been blogging for over three years now, and have found it to be quite high variance. Occasionally, I can write something truly good, but most of my writing has been unimpressive. Mixing these two prevents me from developing further. Good posts don’t get written because they’d be mixed in with the drivel, and I’m reluctant to push out the sort of trash necessary to develop my technique for fear of it marring the good posts.

There is an easy solution, of course: post the good things in a different place from the not-so-good things. This blog exists as a repository for the better posts, freeing my preexisting blog to be perhaps a bit less interesting but considerably more worthwhile. It will continue to be a sort of personal blog, while this one will focus on slightly more serious topics.

I do not expect there to be a particular theme, beyond subjects which interest me. On that note, perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Nathaniel M. Routh, and I am studying aerospace engineering at the University of Kansas. My hope is to write about my major and related fields, such as astronomy and planetary science. Additionally, I have an interest in philosophy and political theory, which will hopefully be cured by more reading. I do not anticipate politics will appear here regularly, but that cannot be said for certain.

Furthermore, I do not expect to post here frequently. Should you desire more regular writing, my older blog would be a better place to find it. However, I cannot say that this will always be true, and readers in the future may want to check for themselves.